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Hangover Management

One of life’s cruelties, the hangover.  Hangovers can come in all shapes and sizes, see this buzzfeed for some examples.

As we age, they have become an inescapable truth, which seems to only increase in severity.  Gone are the days when you could have a humongous night of apocalash to wake up just feeling a little fuzzy and tired the next day.  PLD (post lash depression) is a very real and dangerous condition, which should be avoided wherever possible.

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Must-read: must-reads.

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?

–Henry Ward Beecher

I think it’s fair to say that Henry Ward Beecher probably didn’t get out much.  Definitely not to strip clubs, anyway.

But at the risk of being e-wedgied by cyber bullies and having my lunch bitcoins stolen, I agree whole-heartedly with what I assume is his core message: books are great.

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A beardsman’s journey – episode I

There’s no denying it, beards are back. They’re everywhere. No longer the preserve of science teachers, bird watchers and train spotters they are actually cool. Huzzah!

I’ve had a beard for just under a year now.  And this makes me fully qualified to dispense advice on the growing and grooming of facial fluff to the wannabe hirsute. This is my story.

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Tim & the Art of Suede Shoe Maintenance.

“Dinner, maybe a couple of drinks afterwards, but nothing big”. 

Perfect.  Both liver and wallet need a rest, and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to bust out my light suede brogues.  Still, better make sure this won’t escalate – the nightclubs of Bangkok (where I’m currently living & working) are no place for tan suede.

“No no – definitely won’t go out – just dinner.  Maybe a couple of drinks but I’m pretty knackered so nothing more”.

Lying bastard.

Before & After...
Before & After…

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Prepare to be shocked.

The weird and the wonderful are no longer confined to myths and legends.  Technology has seen to that.  Every time we look at our phones or computers we have byte-size chunks of the incredible shoved down our throats.  Whether you think that’s a blessing or a curse is neither here nor there – it’s inevitable.  Accept it.  Embrace it.  But above all: prepare for it.  Because the next little bit of amazing is just around the corner.

Culkin: a master.
Culkin: a master.

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